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  • @alicesky I really enjoyed his chemistry with Jessica. Both handled the scenes very well!
  • I love him so much as Guo Jing, I sincerely hope he has nothing to do with her tragic death. He have such a bright career ahead of him even if innocent his name is already tainted
  • I personally think he did a well-job as Victor in LW2. Obviously, his chemistry with Jessica was there despite the fact this is their 1st time collaborated together. This is the 1st time in a very long time that I followed TVB drama from the beginning until its last episode.
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  • @tiffany same here. I feel like he portrayed Victor very well. He is right, blame the poor script. LW2 is not the big shot like they used to say but Moses, Michael and Jessica have done the good job here. Thats all.
  • " Does Moses realize that his attitude may impact viewers’ perception of an entire television station or even other actors in the industry? Many people say that Hong Kong dramas are dying, and if artistes share Moses’ attitude, then it is a matter of time before this becomes a reality" Seriously? People will suddenly think poorly of TVB because he made the comment and will usher in the downfall of TVB because he spoke his mind? He is right in some ways. While acting is ultimately his responsibility TVB does have problems. They hire and reuse bad actors and actresses too much. Miss HK is not a good source for talent. The shows are rushed. anybody who makes it till the last week of a TVB show knows how much of a mess they become. Poor writing and too many characters. TVB seems to think the only acting scenes that matter are crying scenes so they put tons in. So no, Moses won't cause tvbs downfall, they are doing that all on their own. People now can watch tv from around the world easily and finally see how bad these shows are. Things won't get better unless people speak their mind.
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  • WThis is so tragic. I heard a while back that Ren Jiao suffered from depression. I also heard that she dabbled in things. If that is the case, drugs and depression is a lethal combination What I can't figure out is why she was on the set of Yang Xuwen's project, unless they were friends or they were dating. It seems rather suspicious. Makes me wonder if she was snuffed out, knowing that her mental state and other factors could easily be blamed. Hmmmmmmm.... Whatever the cause of her death is, it is still really sad. My thoughts and prayers are with those close to her, especially close friends and relatives.
  • Moses did not criticise his Line Walker character in the interview. He was just explaining that that in TV series there isn’t as much time to prepare a character conpared to movies. Also I felt his performance along with Jessica were the best in the series.
  • I'm ok with his portrayal of Victor. Not into the hair though lol There was not a lot of romance in the drama, but the chemistry was there. What a big contrast from LW1!
  • Congratulations to Eric Li and Bobo Tam. May you 2 have a very happy and loving future.
  • Eric acted well in OCTB. He needs to explore more opportunities outside of TVB. His talent is wasted there.
  • @bubbletea There's really no need to drag Angelababy into Myolie's happy news. While it's true that Angelababy and Huangxiaoming are more showy than others, maybe they know how hard it is to constantly be stalked by the paparazzi so they want their kids to grow up in normal environment. Maybe they will introduce the kid when he or she is older. Maybe they have too many enemies and are afraid of kidnapping. Lots of possibilities. Parents have different ways of treating their kids. Just because they don't show their kids in public doesn't mean the kid is ugly or is not theirs.
  • @coralie Not going to lie.. first 6 months will be tough, so if you can get help from your parents or inlaw, take it!!!! They may drive you crazy but at least you can sleep in a little, take a shower and eat a good meal!! Also please remember a "fed" baby is always good no matter from formula or breast milk. So don't let them push you in breast feeding if it is not working out. You can always pump and feed in bottle too! But it's really worth it.. they are super precious...Wishing you the best of luck next year with your planning!
  • @happybi T_T... I'm going to start family planning sometime next yr. But aside from a crying mini-me, there's very little appeal with having kids >_>
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