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  • @xingerzhenhaokan Uhm, 158 days to film doesn’t mean she needs to be on set for 158 days. So that math is not really accurate
  • @hannah based on the trailer, Youku should show it.
  • Hello all, Let me just throw in my 2 cents and attempt to analyze why the rating isn't reflecting the good script, costume and acting in Succession War. Even the name is good. For one I like ditroc (I lo analyze first) because it was so stupid it was entertaining, like crazy duhhh stupid and sorry but I like that. As I was saying with my bro, it's like a comedy that wasn't meant to be one. Everything was so wrong, the over the top costumes, and hand maiden and people barging in and out not yet announced left right and centre. Oh and how late Edwin Shiu was in one scene to save the emporer's wife it was funny, I told my bro "must have been on a coffe/smoke break". He wasn't punished and even praised when she was stabbed, apparently to a bone, I had a rofl moment. Overall I stuck with this series until the bitter end be well it was so bad it entertained us. As for S.W, even with the good plot (somewhat reflective of history), good acting and praise the lord finally a good script I couldn't stay in tune after ep. 16, I was enjoying France vs. Croatia. This series is so sad. And someone mentioned ambiguous, yup right on! I wasn't familiar with the history so I googled it, and Heshen is as corrupted as they come. But it showed through flashback why he became this way. My bro had a theory, Heshen could very well be an illegitimate son and Q.long favoured him, so in his mind he was a king or a kings equal and the saying One mountain cannot hold 2 tigers. But I wonder if he really was that greedy did anyone wiki? 30banks and 70 pawn shops, holy hell. TBH I find Ruco Chan's acting cunning, calculative and well human. If you win you are/stay King if you lose you are treacherous. But NO it's hard to feel anything but hate towards a man who would kill his own father for the throne, yes you're under his thumb but really? Broke my heart that his father was willing to die knowing he was poisoned. So as someone mentioned I think the director/writer interpretation may have been favouring Heshen as anti Hero so I think it's fair Ruco's portrayal is fair and not leaning to one side. You can tell his character is cunning, calculating and greedy but he was not cold, but rather human. And when his brother died in his arms, that was the moment I felt for this person, he can fail the world but he wouldn't/couldn't face l his brother. In the end, his end was due to revengence, with his wealth and connection he could have leave. For that I salute that character. Lastly, you're gotta be in the mood for that, too heavy. I will finish it when I am in the mood for a good drama as for DITROC I was always in the mood for comedy/ to be entertained and it did not disappoint, well done, 36point well deserve. I laughed, so they laughed all the way to the bank.
  • Anyway very enhanced... there... And Peter is like checking.. just in case missing... and look as if It's there, ok?!
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  • @m0m0 pictures showed her to be attractive, and she had the hots for Gao.
  • I'm betting the pics were all enhanced and photoshopped.
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  • anyone know where i can watch ViuTV's show for free online lol
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  • @funnlim I agree with you that Shaun Tam was good in those scenes and I also found him great when Qianlong confronted him about the poisoning. A bit overused, but he has the one manly tear thing down. His upwards glare is also repetitious, and unintentionally comical because he's probably the tallest main cast member. I have said this elsewhere, but unfortunately the character is always upset so he reminds me of the angry faced emoji with his eyebrows perpetually in a V shape. That expression could be improved and varied. But overall, he caries himself well and is believable as the cunning, paranoid emperor that has the strength to go toe-to-toe with Heshen. In this latest episode (17), I liked the resilience he showed while injured. This drama has a dark and somber tone that one must be in the mood to enjoy. It is an emotional, cerebral chess game. The general HK audience may prefer more lighthearted, easily digestible escapism. I am not belittling that preference because we all need that type of entertainment. I find that I have to work myself up to watch heavy dramas and that is why I haven't watch Handmaid's Tale 2 despite being memorized by the first one. The momentum of the series was dragged down by the Eighth Prince investigating the death of the Eunuch, but fortunately, since he's been banished, it has been full-speed engagement. On one hand, we can say that Heshen is poorly defined, but on the other, he can be described as fascinatingly complex. He doesn't fit a type. He's a dichotomy - intuitive but arrogant, loyal but self-serving, charming but despicable. He has the analytical ability to be reflective but can be overcome with hatred and revenge. He may be ruthless, but he is passionate and warm to those he cares for and I do see why his butler, Elaine and Natalie risk everything for him. I don't know if I like him or even if I am suppose to like him, but I like that he is interesting. Admittedly, it may be the Ruco effect, and there really should be more flashbacks to his youth, but the brief glimpses with Qianlong and his brother were enough for me to root for him, or at least root for him to win some battles. I actually cheer for Jiaqing too. It's like watching a great tennis match where you want both competitors to score jaw-dropping, unbelievable points. Heshen was holding back when Qianlong died, but now he is full-force scheming with multiple assassinations and psychological manipulations. Defense becomes offense. I enjoyed the gentle guidance he gave to his grandson contrasted with the vindictive assassination. Now that was fun. I am gleefully watching the plotting. I am also surprised how impressive Selena has been, especially today. Her past relationship with Heshen is unnecessary. There's enough hatred between Jiaqing and Heshen, no need for more with this angle. Maybe, her history with him might be useful later, but besides them sweetly reminiscing about the horse stable, there's no emotional connection left. He did not care if she died with Jiaqing and she has no signs of longing for him at all. I really hope the ratings improve because that's all TVB cares about. It's a shame.
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  • How I interpreted the article’s title: because they don’t look hot elsewhere x”D Donnie’s pic: look like he just finished weeing >_> Body wise: Peter is indeed the best but his post is terrible >_> anyway, I don’t find any of these hot lawl, in term of picture or selling the product lol.
  • Lol he looks so much like when he was in warm blood cold heart (fashion wise), just older xD Toby looks great! Will check this out for sure xD
  • I think Peter is the hottest..obviously. LOL.
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